ACTIVE DEMOLAY:  Young men between the ages of 12-21 who were duly elected and initiated into full membership in DeMolay.  There is one, lifetime fee for membership.

ADVISORS:  Officially trained adult mentors who provide guidance for the Active DeMolay to lead their Chapters/Clubs.  The purpose is for the DeMolay to run their meetings, plan and implement their own activities and funds, but the Adult Advisors will only step in where situations might hurt DeM0lay financially, public relations or the best interest of its members.  Officially, the titles of “Dad ..(last name)..”  or “Mom ..(last name)..” is shown as a respectful title for Advisors as well as parents.

ADVISORY COUNCIL:  The Advisory Council is the body of Advisors, or adult mentors, that meet regularly about Chapter business to make sure DeMolay is well represented.  The Chapter Chairman usually calls and leads the meetings; the Chapter/Club Advisors represent the boys and their Chapter/Club Advisors.  Chapter/Club Active DeMolay leadership may attend for portions of the Advisory Council meetings to discuss items such as the schedule and other activities they would like to do.

CHAPTER: An official body of DeMolay boys formed to run their activities.

CHAPTER ADVISOR: AKA “Chapter Dad” is the Adult Advisor, or mentor, for the Chapter and is the liaison between the boys in the Chapter and the Advisory Council.

CLUB:  A smaller group of the State Chapter which functions as a Chapter within a local geographic area to better serve the boys locally.

CLUB ADVISOR: AKA “Club Dad” is the Adult Advisor, or mentor, for the Club and is the liaison between the boys in the Club and the Chapter Advisor of the Chapter as a whole.

DRESS CODE:  There is a 3-tier dress code recommendation and should be available when scheduling official DeMolay events and activities – 1) Formal [Suit (preferred) and tie with nice dress shirt and pants]; 2) Casual [Nice/button-up shirt or polo, slacks/khakis]; 3) Bumming [Appropriate, comfortable & clean clothing]

EXECUTIVE OFFICER:  The Executive Officer (EO) is the official Adult Advisor for the State Jurisdiction that oversees the activities of the Chapters and Advisory Councils of the Jurisdiction.  The EO is also the liaison between the State Jurisdiction and DeMolay International.

REGION V:  Region V (5) is our Region within DeMolay International of several states (North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin).

SENIOR DEMOLAY:  Once a DeMolay turns 21, they become a Senior DeMolay.  There is a lifetime membership, therefore those men who are 21 years or older and have been members of DeMolay as young men are named Senior DeMolay.

STATE CHAPTER:  The At-Large Chapter for the jurisdiction of North Dakota.

STATE JURISDICTION:  DeMolay International is divided up into statewide areas and governing bodies called Jurisdictions.  The State Jurisdictional director is the Executive Officer who makes sure all Chapters, Advisors, and Members in his Jurisdiction fall under DeMolay International’s rules.


North Dakota DeMolay – State Jurisdiction”  is the official Facebook page of North Dakota as a whole State Jurisdiction.  This page is public, so feel free to “Like” the page and share/invite your friends, family, and prospects to “Like” the page.  This Facebook page, along with this website, is our communication with the world about our Jurisdiction and our activities in each of our Chapters and Clubs.

North Dakota DeMolay Chapter”  is the official Facebook group page of the North Dakota State Chapter.  This group is a private/closed group page and is meant to inform the Chapter of Clubs’ activities and business of the State Chapter.