Welcome to the official website for North Dakota DeMolay, State Jurisdiction in the Region V of DeMolay International.  Please stop here for updated information about happenings in our North Dakota chapters and clubs, jurisdictional news, and your one stop resource for DeMolay in our state.

DeMolay is a youth-led, adult-mentored organization where young men (ages 12-21) learn and grow in planning, organizing, leading/facilitating their own programs:  meetings, fundraisers, charity events, fun outings, dances, and much more…

WEBSITE “ABOUT” & Additional Information:

Scroll down on this “About” page for our North Dakota DeMolay Hall of Fame as well as our list of North Dakota Executive Officers.  Other items on this website will also give you more information such as the Executive Officer Message; Glossary page for our termonology; Jurisdictional Map and Resources pages for contact info; Activities page with our Jurisdictional Calendar for our State & local Chapters/Clubs; and Blogs with updates and articles.  Lastly, don’t forget to click on our Facebook icon to find our official Facebook page for North Dakota State Jurisdiction.


            Here are some notable Senior DeMolays from North Dakota:

Gordon Aamoth, Speaker of House, State Representative .

Mark Andrews, U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senator from North Dakota.

Frank Bavendick, pioneering oilman, philanthropist.

Eugene Burdick, North Dakota District Judge.

Quentin Burdick, U.S. Senator from North Dakota.

Ron Carlisle, State Representative, State Senator

M. Richard Geiger, North Dakota District Judge.

E. Bruce Hagen, Public Service Commissioner, the longest serving North Dakota State Official since statehood.

Douglas Heen, North Dakota District Judge.

Thomas Metelmann, North Dakota District Judge.

Robert Martinson, State Representative.

John Paulson, North Dakota District Judge.

William Owens, U.S. Navy Admiral, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Ernest Sands, Lt. Governor of North Dakota, State Senator.

Dale V. Sandstrom, Public Service Commission, Justice of North Dakota Supreme Court, Executive Officer of DeMolay in North Dakota, 1994-1995 DeMolay International Grand Master.

Edward T. Schafer, Govenor of North Dakota, U.S. Secretary to Department of Agriculture, Interim President of the University of North Dakota, DeMolay International Hall of Fame inductee in 2008.

Harold Schafer, Founder of Gold Seal Company, Founder of Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, Executive Officer of DeMolay in North Dakota, DeMolay International Hall of Fame inductee in 1995.

Bruce M. Van Sickle, United States District Judge.

Many N.D. Mayors.

Many heads of the Shriners and the Masons.


D.M. Homes

E.B. McCutcheon

A.P. Brownson

F. Leland Watkins

Harold Schafer

Gordon Paxman

Gordon Hansen

Jack Trittinger

Dale Sandstrom

James Stokke

Fred Larson

H.A. Ohrt

Curtis R. Mertz

Chad McCabe

Gary M. Spicer

Ross Mushik